Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ceuse and Gorge de Loup

I have spent the last month hanging around some of the best (and hardest!) climbing in the world. It has been awsome for my climbing and after 2 months of alpine climbing i finally have found my sport climbing arms. Although i did not tick my hardest route ever i feel more solid than ever around my onsight level. So far this trip i have done a bunch of 28s and 29s,my second ever 27 onsight and have fallen off on the final not so hard move of what would have been my first 28 onsight. 2 of my 28 redpoints where second go and i had never done that grade that fast before.

Me on Le Privelege de Serpent 7c+:
The climbing at Ceuse is long and endurancy and of incredible quality. It was great climbing with Brad, a friend from chinaclimb, again as well as with Nathan, Heather, Vince and Helen all from Australia.

Vince on Mirage 7c+ (possibly the best 28 in the world!):
For the last week of my trip i have been in Gorge de Loup near Nice which has a very steep cliff containing a very hard selection of routes. The average grade at the crag must be around 32. There is pretty much a whos who of climbing at the crag all working on 34s and 35s.
Anyway back to Perth now. Hopefully for not too long!

Me on an 8a+ at Gorge de Loup: