Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running with the Bulls (24), Mountain Quarry

So i got a new toy! Its a tiny video camera about the size of a phone that fits in your pocket. Perfect for climbing. I am just testing it at the moment and learning how to use some editing software. Above is some film i captured of Rob climbing at Mountain Quarry in Perth. Unfortunately i seem to lose alot of quality through the editing and uploading phases. I'll work on that...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death Star (29) Mountain Quarry, Perth

Finally managed to send the Skywalker wall project in Mountain Quarry i started working on the other week. It was chipped and bolted by Mark Wilson who kindly let me get the FA. It starts to the left of Skywalker up thin fingery face climbing. It is unrelenting and cruxy until you get to the half way roof which provides a rest. After pulling over the roof you climb the business of Premature Evacuation (thin crack) to the top. I stayed with the theme of the wall and called it Death Star (29) 30m. The grade is a bit iffy as face climbing isnt one of my strong points so i was undecided between 28 and 29 but leaned towards 29 in the end. Its a great route but try at your own peril as there is a large block in the roof that looks like it may fall sometime soon joining the block next door which fell a couple of years ago.

At the start of the thin wall of Death Star.

One of the cruxy face moves