Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Away again!

Exciting times ahead as today i am back on a plane to Paris! Rob and I should get to Ceuse friday night and be feeling the pain of the first hour long walk up to the cliffline at 1500m on saturday morning, baguettes, chorizo and camembert in hand! Emil and Mel will be there showing off their spanish fitness putting all the draws up and giving us all the beta for the climbs.
We only have 10 days at Ceuse though before heading to Poland where the main reason for the european sojourn will occur. Lawrence and Marika's wedding! I dont know what to expect from Poland but it has to be different than the impression i have from watching Xmen First Class, the history channel, hearing crazy stories from a Polish friend (Artur) and being the origin of one Captain Crash! My impression is one where everything is grey, vodka fuelled people bend barbed wire fences with their minds while attending the best nightclubs, and the occasional black and white tank trundles by. I think i might be in for a surprise...
After Poland the plan is to head to the Matterhorn with Rob to again try and scramble up the hornli ridge. We have four days so we may be able to get another alpine route in too. Rob heads home on the second of July and Ill be meeting up with Lawrence and Marika sometime after for a quick trip to the Marmolada which hosts one of my all time goals in climbing, The Fish (7b+, 600m). This technical, heady face/slab has a bit of an aura of hardcoreness (its my blog and I'll make words up if i want to!) about it for me and i will be over the moon just to get up it. Lawrence is crushing at the moment so we will have a good chance if we manage to give it a shot. I am back mid July hopefully with a bunch of good photos and not too epic stories.