Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The best pitch up the middle of the best wall in Oz!

Finally sent Serpentine (29) up the middle of Taipan wall on a quick trip to Victoria last week. The second pitch is definitely up there with the best single pitches going around. I tried this route about 10 years ago onsighting the first pitch (24) and not making the top of the second. This trip i snared it on my 3rd shot. Lawrence was trying it too and was excrutiatingly close but ran out of time on the short 5 day trip. He will probably walk up it next trip. Liana also had a good trip climbing Mr Joshua (25) on Taipan and a fast ascent of have a good flight (25) at arapiles. Other Taipan action included Doug, currently from the blueys, trying the Groove Train (33/4?). This line looks awsome!!!! I had a quick play but couldnt do the large move on Groovy the initial grade 28 or a large move near the start of the extension (although i have a better chance at that one than the groovy one!).

Happy Place... Taipan Wall :)