Friday, January 17, 2014

2014, Bring it on!

I just finished an amazing Christmas, New years break in the Blue Mountains packed with good friends, food and climbing. With Rob up from Tassie, Tracey down from Queensland, and Jack and Artur over from Perth the house was packed. Days were spent visiting cafes and a variety of crags. It felt great trying a bunch of new routes without the self-imposed pressure of actually sending anything.

I also got the GoPro out and managed to get some footage of Tracey on a classic 26 in Centennial Glen called Trix Roughly which I edited together only slightly better than my last attempt (see Shogun in my last post).
Tracey on Trix Roughly (26)

Tracey managed to one up me with her video of a cool multipitch out in the Grose Valley we climbed.
 Mission Hotel California

One the final day of the break William Chan who is visiting from Hong Kong offered to take photos of me on Shogun. I redid all the moves quite easily, which was a bit disconcerting as it left me wondering how hard the route really was. Only time will tell.

 Images of Shogun (32) by William Chan

It would seem work is coming to an end and at some time soon I will be able to head overseas and try some major goals climbing full time again. I am really excited about this as I feel I am climbing better than ever. I have also recently officially become a Kailas global athlete. It’s cool to be part of something and get a little recognition for your passion. Free gear is also cool ;)