Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running with the Bulls (24), Mountain Quarry

So i got a new toy! Its a tiny video camera about the size of a phone that fits in your pocket. Perfect for climbing. I am just testing it at the moment and learning how to use some editing software. Above is some film i captured of Rob climbing at Mountain Quarry in Perth. Unfortunately i seem to lose alot of quality through the editing and uploading phases. I'll work on that...


Scott said...

Nice one bro! Great footage. What sort of camera is it?

Went to Enchanted Tower in New Mexico the other day. Awesome 13a called "Goliath" there is the proudest line. I almost sent, but it was a little too pumpy. The first half is supposedly 12c, but i almost onsighted it, and sent next shot, so I think it's soft.


chayo28 said...

Awesome footage!! looks good