Saturday, July 12, 2008

The American Direct on the Dru

So we got shut down on the American Direct. It wasnt because the climbing was hard but because we got lost due to route finding difficulties. It was a good thing though as after we bailed a thunder storm trundled in and soaked us all through the walk down.
The Dru (The American Direct goes straight up the middle): After a very nice bivvy on some grass lower in the valley we spent a huge day on the route trying to find our way. We were a bit stumped so bailed around 3pm (the photo below is near our high point). We missed the last train down from the glacier to the valley floor and Chamonix so spent an extra wet and cold 2 hours walking a trail back home.Since the weather turned bad with common thunderstorms in the afternoon we left Chamonix and headed to the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

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