Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Matterhorn

Ah.... the Matterhorn. One of the most well known mountains in the world. There were three of us (Dan, Owen and I) so we recruited a fourth member to the party in the form of Glen, a huge Norwegian who is super strong and brimming with enthusiasm. Dan and I attempted the Hornli ridge which is the classic route and with good conditions see over 100 people a day attempt it. On our day which had alot of snow and followed a thunder storm it was just Dan and I. This made for a superb outing having the route to ourselves although with all the snow route finding was a tad tricky and all the snow made for slow progress. Because of this we turned around just over half way up.
Dan on the approach to the Matterhorn:
Owen and Glen climbed the Zermutt ridge a less done route and were successful summiting around 5 pm and making it back to the hut around 12 midnight. All up about 20 hours return. This was an awsome achievement and i am super jealous!

Glen on the Zermutt ridge:

On the Summit:

We all got down a bit worn out and decided to have a little break from the mountains. So after dropping Glen back in Chamonix we headed to the Mediterranean.

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