Friday, October 29, 2010


I thought id ressurect my blog because i am bored. Its raining so i cant climb! Since starting work with Sinosteel near the end of 08 i have done a heap of climbing. Luckily i work in an industry where its ok to dissapear for a chunk of time. In Feb 09 i spent a three weeks cruising around the grampians doing classics. Other than that i focused on old projects in WA that had been giving me grief for a fair while. I finally sent Lucid Dreams (31), a classic line put up by Nathan Hoette in a dingy hole in Margaret River (see video), and the Kalbarri classic Swan Song (29) put up by Chris Jones.

In August i went to China for a week with Scott and caught up with Ed and Rob. It was an awsome trip seeing all the new development since i had been there last. The classic from the trip for me was the new Karate a Muerte en Torremellinos (8b; photo by Rob Vanhaeften).

Rob was on a world trip so i made plans to catch up with him again in a few weeks in Kalymnos for a month of climbing which was STUNNING!! Amazing setting, great food, cheap, holiday grades to make you feel good :)

I went back to work for the summer and in Feb 10 Sinosteel made the whole exploration department redundant. It was time for another big climbing trip...

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