Friday, October 29, 2010

Indonesia June/July 2010

Emil and Mel got married in Bali :) It was an awsome wedding up in the mountains and rice fields of Ubud. It was great catching up with the Perth crew all drinking too much champagne! There was also a seperate traditional Balinese wedding which i was stoked to be able to attend.

It was a great time to be in Bali. I spent the first week in Tulamben with Liana, Rob, and Ed diving 2 or 3 times a day. Diving with reef sharks is cool :) There was also a bunch of small stuff Ed assured me was also cool and that id only see at that specific dive site. Cant remember what they (Harlequin/Habanero crabs?) were but i remember the sharks!

After the wedding i caught up with Gerard, a friend from work, and went surfing around Uluwatu on the south coast for a couple of weeks. Its nice not having to wear a wetsuit in the warm water there.

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