Friday, October 29, 2010

The Blue Mountains 2010!

At the end of Febuary i drove from Perth to Sydney with Liana. It took 4 days to cover the 4000 kms. It is a drive everyone should do once just to see how big Oz really is! In the Blue Mountains we rented a house and tried to get strong!
There is so much climbing within a short walk from the cafes making this the best lifestyle climbing destination in Australia. The community of climbers living here is also super motivating. The quality of the climbing however isnt quite the same as the Grampians or Arapiles tending to be very bouldery dominated by crimping on the granular sandstone. Highlights from my trip would have to be an onsight of Samarkand (25), a trad route at Pierces Pass, and redpoints of Staring at the Sea (31) at Wave Wall and Dungeon Master (31) in Nowra.
Liana crushing Madge MacDonald (25) at Centennial Glen

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